Hi, I’m Kevin. I do web application development with PHP and Symfony2, and I’m also a dad.

my recent projects:

Thotter   SlackerTalk
A macroblogging platform that enforces a minimum of ten words per post, Thotter attempts to overcome the soundbite psychosis that is assailing our society. My pet project: the SlackerTalk forum has been going strong since 2008, with over 1.6 million posts and 200+ active users.
Photo-A-Day Challenge
The complete collection of photos from my photo-a-day project in 2009

my latest blog posts:

Art for Sale

I've decided that it would be a good idea to try and sell some prints of my various photography projects. At the moment I have one item for sale: "Ferns on a Tree", a photograph I took [more]

Revisiting PHP Command-Line Scripting

php-GetOptionKit, from github user c9s, is a very simple library that has many of the features I've wished for in a PHP CLI toolkit - and, as a bonus, it's very fast to get wired up [more]

The Gibson Index

I started a new hobby project since the last time I updated this blog (well, actually, I think I've started about four hobby projects since then - but who's counting? :) ). [more]

Mailstrom update

A few updates for the Mailstrom utility, including a change in CLI frameworks [more]

Mailstrom email tool

Mailstrom is a quick-and-dirty command-line PHP script that allows users to send email via Amazon SES. [more]

Phun with Phing, Part Two

In Part One, I introduced a method for mutexing targets to make them safely cronable. Now, I'll provide an example for how targets can alert you when they've completed (or when they've [more]